July 29th is John F. Appreciation Day

Any friend of my wife’s family is a friend of mine; but John F. Is different: John F. visits my blog via Facebook practically every time I post something; plus, he almost always likes it! He’s portfoliolongo.com’s most frequent flyer!

I hope he won’t mind that my rendition of him is only a rough approximation. I also hope he doesn’t mind that I expropriated a photo of him from his own Facebook page…and that I cropped out his buddy, my favorite uncle-in-law, Jack A..

So, I’d like to wish everyone at portfoliolongo.com a Happy John F. Appreciation Day, especially John F., himself. Thank you, John F. for visiting and for the enduring encouragement!

Click here for the accelerated, 40-second progress video. It’s all practice; so, if you have any technical advice, feel free to leave a comment in the space provided.



July 29 John F appreciation day



4 thoughts on “July 29th is John F. Appreciation Day

  1. John is very special to our family too he was beat friends with my dad. I will never forget all he did for my dad. He was friends with my dad until the day he pass away and to this day he still goes and visit him.


    • Hi Ann – Thank you for your beautiful comment! When Ann’s mom, Eve died, they asked me to “do” the memorial service. I opened the floor up to the folks gathered to celebrate her life. One after another, each eulogizer escorted us through tears and laughter; and then John stood up. You could have heard a pin drop. Ironically, I don’t remember what he said because his poetry enveloped us and took us beyond language, space, and time. Wow! Thanks for reminding me of that.


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