July 29th is John F. Appreciation Day

Any friend of my wife’s family is a friend of mine; but John F. Is different: John F. visits my blog via Facebook practically every time I post something; plus, he almost always likes it! He’s portfoliolongo.com’s most frequent flyer!

I hope he won’t mind that my rendition of him is only a rough approximation. I also hope he doesn’t mind that I expropriated a photo of him from his own Facebook page…and that I cropped out his buddy, my favorite uncle-in-law, Jack A..

So, I’d like to wish everyone at portfoliolongo.com a Happy John F. Appreciation Day, especially John F., himself. Thank you, John F. for visiting and for the enduring encouragement!

Click here for the accelerated, 40-second progress video. It’s all practice; so, if you have any technical advice, feel free to leave a comment in the space provided.



July 29 John F appreciation day



Exchanging and Renewing Vows at Vista Ranch and Cellars

Once our friends, Katie and Colton exchanged their marital vows, they invited the rest of us to exchange additional vows with them and to renew our existing vows among ourselves. It was an inspired, inclusive, poetic, musical, and delicious celebration of love there at the Vista Ranch and Cellars in Merced, CA.

Vista Ranch & Cellars

Illustrated here is the outdoor backdrop against which the ceremony took place. I used an iPhone photo as my reference in a side by side, freehand drawing in Procreate.

Celebrating Heart Party at Greenstone with New Friends

Yesterday’s Valentines Day gathering at Greenstone near Mariposa, CA was a celebration of the heart. When you’re new to a place, you catch life already in progress: the Heart Party, our generous hosts, the other guests, and its setting hit home in more ways than one.


A quick, morning, freehand sketch in Procreate based on an iPhone photo that I took yesterday when nobody was looking.