Ragsdale Home 2

I’ve already posted a drawing of this Ragsdale house, click here to see Ragsdale Home (I), but yesterday as I was walking Cowboy in the evening, I saw it in a different light from a slightly different angle, photographed it, and here you go.
Ragsdale Home 2
Technical: This time I imported the photo and used it as a reference while I drew it freehand, side-by-side…much more quickly this time…but still in Procreate. I export the long rectangular image and crop it in iPhoto. Then I import the cropped image and do some finishing touches.

Ragsdale Home

This Merced house, which I’ve been told is among the oldest in the Ragsdale neighborhood – built some time in the 1920s – is just down the street from us and on my dog-walking route. So I get to see it at least twice a day, if not more. It has a flat roof except for two small sections, which are covered by ceramic tile very likely made at the California Pottery Company, Merced.


Technical: I used a reference photo taken from my iPhone, which I then displayed on an external monitor while I sketched it freehand on my iPad in Procreate. I use the “cloud” brush in Procreate to do the trees and shrubs; I couldn’t do that in Paper 53.

I made a few small changes when producing this card for the home owner: