A Shoe Theme Has Emerged: Men’s Shoes Can Be Loud Too

We wear shoes.  Some of us would have a harder time sneaking up on others because of the sounds our shoes make.  One of those sounds prompted me to produce this clip:

That little clip was based on something similar I had already tried a couple of weeks ago (see below), I used the following two images in iMovie, did some editing, and added some sound tracks. These are the two drawings done in Fifty Three Paper, the iPad drawing app.


Fifty Three lets you duplicate a drawing. I did so, erased the hammers, and added bunny slippers.  Wishful thinking?


BULLETIN:  This just in from the Des Moines Register: Police: Dispute comes to head with hammers

The following short clip, entitled Airport Security or TSA, is the prototype I referred to.

The two drawings use in Airport Security or TSA:



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