mDAC2015: Sketchy SKETCH CLUB Live Model Drawing Snippet

What a treat to have participated in the Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit in Palo Alto, CA this past weekend! And to have a piece selected for and shown at this event, beyond words!

First, I should have my head examined for doing that and posting this on the day before we’re moving across town! So let me get this up and posted before I take leave for a few days; I’ll have to keep this very brief and leave out 99% of what I learned and what went down that actually had an impact on me.

I’ll limit my comments to a session on day #2 of the summit: Figure Drawing with Live Model by Jeremy Sutton, founder of featuring the illustrative Inky Bunny, live model. This was my fist try at SKETCH CLUB, which I had mistakenly identified as ArtRage, which I also like, by the way. However, now that I’ve uncrossed my wires, let me point out more explicitly that I fell in love with Sketch Club because of how gracefully I was introduced to it by Jeremy Sutton, a talented, generous artist and a master teacher. To have covered as much with so many in such a short period of time… well, I’m speechless!

Back to packing and loading! Back in a few days.

HISPHERICAL: The Motion Picture (11 sec.)

We’re rotating on a spherical planet that revolves around a relatively nearby star in a dynamic solar system that is part of a moving galaxy along with others in an ever-expanding universe.
Who’s side are you on?

(still) never gonna be the same

Another version of Never Gonna Be the Same (Jan. 2010).

never gonna be the sameClick to enlarge


Click to play

Music: 12 String Taylor guitar, open G tuning, composed by Plongeaux in NOLA, Jan. 2010 just before the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Video: iMovie, Photo Booth, MacBook Pro

Image(s): OK, this requires some splainin’… I “grabbed” the above photo from the video, edited it in My Sketch, an iPad app, imported it into Procreate and added additional material, i.e., the dude in the doorway fucking with the lightswitch. At the end of the video, where it says visit:, well, that was done in Procreate and exported as a video clip, which I then added to the end of the video.

The Misbelieve Tree

Watching the final episode of Treme last night on HBO reminded me of the richness and incomparability of New Orleans and the life-changing 5 years that my wife and I spent living, working, and redefining ourselves there from 2005 to 2010, roughly the same timeline that David Simon and Eric Overmyer followed in the creation of Treme. We had been there just under 6 months before Hurricane Katrina hit. That portion of my experience and memory will forever be eclipsed by the following 4 and a half years dedicated one way or another to one form or another of rebuilding.  Treme helped me begin to make sense of the fullness of that experience, which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. New Orleans is an incomparable city in so many ways, and it has an enormous lesson to teach the rest of the world; and Treme, if I may generalize, should be a central component of the curriculum.

Last night’s final episode of Treme coaxed out a pre-Katrina memory. I was reminded of one of the many trees that we had to have removed from our property in Algiers Point, one of the few things we got done BK (Before Katrina).  Some folks in the neighborhood called this tree a misbelieve tree or a misplease tree. It was, in fact, a Eriobotrya japonica or loquat tree, which some called a Japanese plum tree. Its trunk had been damaged, it leaned very much, and the arborist said it had to go.  Those names, I’ve read, are associated with the tree’s name in either French or Italian. I’m not sure. Any ideas out there?


You’ll see this tree in living color 15 seconds into the following short video that I put together (images and terribly slow soundtrack) to celebrate our selling the property, which I’ve been told was the last house to sell in the Western Hemisphere in the summer of 2008!

…but the hallway is hell (Part II)

A few days ago I posted this core drawing for which I had a couple of other versions. I went with the theocentric version.  So I put them together in iMovie for the “hell” of it.

Might want to go “full screen” on this so the text doesn’t get chopped off.

A Shoe Theme Has Emerged: Men’s Shoes Can Be Loud Too

We wear shoes.  Some of us would have a harder time sneaking up on others because of the sounds our shoes make.  One of those sounds prompted me to produce this clip:

That little clip was based on something similar I had already tried a couple of weeks ago (see below), I used the following two images in iMovie, did some editing, and added some sound tracks. These are the two drawings done in Fifty Three Paper, the iPad drawing app.


Fifty Three lets you duplicate a drawing. I did so, erased the hammers, and added bunny slippers.  Wishful thinking?


BULLETIN:  This just in from the Des Moines Register: Police: Dispute comes to head with hammers

The following short clip, entitled Airport Security or TSA, is the prototype I referred to.

The two drawings use in Airport Security or TSA: