…but the hallway is hell (Part II)

A few days ago I posted this core drawing for which I had a couple of other versions. I went with the theocentric version.  So I put them together in iMovie for the “hell” of it.

Might want to go “full screen” on this so the text doesn’t get chopped off.

…but the hallway is hell

You’ve heard the expression, no door is ever closed without another one opening or the theocentric version, God doesn’t close a door without opening another one.  Several months ago I met a religious professional who told me a story about a critical time in his life, a transition, and how a colleague of his made use of the theocentric version of this expression adding a very interesting and compelling twist.  The colleague told him, you know that God doesn’t close one door without opening another one…but the hallway is hell.  I had never heard that extension; and I used to be a religious professional!  I found this newer and more complete version much more consoling and compelling.  This is how I envisioned it: