Coming to a Doorway Near Me

If you’ve moved around, then you’ll probably agree with me that one of the more disorienting and challenging aspects about being new to a living environment is trying to become accustomed to where the light switches are and which lights they control. Maybe there are customs, suggested practices, heck, maybe there are codes, but for each there is an exception. As a result, the modern placement of light switches is most likely governed by Hermes himself.

The questions about light-switch placement at every doorway, every passageway include:
Is it on this side or that side?
Is on the right or left?
Is it grouped logically or illogically with other lights, exhaust fans, garbage disposals, etc?
Is it, in fact, a real light switch or is it a placebo switch that was installed by a previous occupant who majored in experimental psychology?
Are there more?


2 thoughts on “Coming to a Doorway Near Me

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