Princess 1396 No. 2 by Eberhard Faber

(Pardon the interruption, but since I posted this long ago, I’ve added a gallery on the right-hand side of this blog dedicated to the Princess No. 2 School Pencil. Please read on, oh, and welcome.)
In a short video posted today by the New York Times, 72-yr. old Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell says, “If you put the pencil into a drawer, and you will leave the room, and you will not come back, but your great grandchild will come back and find the pencil, the first stroke he writes, it doesn’t dry out, it lasts virtually forever.”


Such is the uniqueness of this instrument, especially the Princess No. 2, which has tickled my fancy for decades.  Across the top of my home page is a photo of larger-than-life-sized Princess No. 2, which I carved out of poplar, engraved, painted, stained, and sealed back in the mid 1980s.



I look forward to doing more sculpting and carving once I get my studio back up and running; stay tuned…

I’ve added a few thematically related drawings from that era, but first, check out that short video:



Unfortunately, here’s what’s left of the Eberhard-Faber Princess No. 2 School Pencil.

5 thoughts on “Princess 1396 No. 2 by Eberhard Faber

  1. look at you…didn’t realize how much art was calling you…keep up these posts and cartoons, I lose all concept of time when creating…


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  3. I’m embarrassed to have taken so long to respond to your comment. I sincerely hope you have checked back from time to time; however, if you haven’t, please, by all means, take an occasional look, make yourself at home, and continue to offer any comments that we’ll up. Again, my apologies for not catching this and responding sooner.


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