100% me, more or less

Ok, maintaining the autobiographical tone here at portfoliolongo.com, DNA testing within the last year revealed the following speculative analysis of my ancestry composition, maternal and paternal combined, reflecting where my ancestors lived 500 years ago, before ocean-crossing ships and airplanes came on the scene. (I’m inclined to cite that quote, but I won’t for a few reasons) Who knows how accurate this information is? Better yet, who knows whether it’s valid, credible, useful, etc.. Theoretically, it applies to my sister and brother as well. At any rate, here’s essentially what got spit out:
25.4%   – Italian
21.2%   – Nonspecific Northern European
18.5%   – Nonspecific Southern European
17.1%   – British & Irish
10.7%   – French & German
6.1%    –  Nonspecific European
0.7%    –  Middle Eastern & North African
0.7%    –  Middle Eastern
0.2%    –  Sardinian
0.1%    –  North African
< 0.1% – Unassigned
100%   – Me, more or less  (Note: An estimated 2.7% of my DNA is from Neanderthals.)


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