Something New

I downloaded/purchased ($5.99) Procreate, a new iPad drawing app for me, and in the company’s own words, “the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad.” It’s about time I branch out from Paper 53. Folks say Procreate is easy, but I can tell already that it’s more complex than Paper 53, which I will continue to use. Procreate makes use of layers, and photos can be imported, modified, kept or cleared away.

My decision was based on comments and recommendations from other iPad sketcher types. I hope I’ll be able to access a few tutorials from a 12 yr. old instructor on YouTube in addition to all the other ones. Lots to learn.

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Image 2 of 2 (some old, some new)


3 thoughts on “Something New

  1. So funny! 🙂 Love your humour and your artwork…I really like the simplicity of Paper53 (though I prefer, “Bamboo Paper” which is similar) I found Procreate fiddly to I don’t use it…maybe I didn’t try the right exercises..Ha,ha…I love the “Art Set Pro” app as you may have gathered by now. I’m glad you like my work….thank you. Have a great day. 🙂

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    • Hmmm. I’ll have to look into those apps that you’ve mentioned. As you may have guessed or noticed, I need to loosen up and sketch more uninhibitedly, and the simpler the app, in many ways, the easier maybe it is to be fluider, as it were. I’m kinda’ guessing here… I do think that, when there’s all kind of bells and whistles to juggle, it’s a little easier to get sucked into the “means” to the detriment of the “end.” At any rate, it’s a treat to interact with someone who’s worked through so much.

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      • Firstly…I think you do your line and colour work extremely well! Though you may find, as I do, these simpler to use apps, allow for a more fluid line: I think they can be easier for colour work as well…If possible, I’m all for keeping things simple…in all areas of life. 🙂 Like you I can also do without all the “bells and whistles”.
        All good fun, and reckon I still have lots to learn.
        Love your posters, woodwork, music!..So many skills and talents…great to interact with you too! Look forward as always to your future posts. 🙂

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