A Digital “Pencil” and More

Behold! Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus under my Christmas tree!

Yes! The PENCIL is a familiar theme here at portfoliolongo; but, this pencil ushers us deeper into a few more digital neighborhoods of the 21st century. Pencil by FiftyThree opens up additional features and more potential in Paper by FiftyThree, 53 Paper, Paper 53, Fifty Three Paper, or whatever it’s name is. At any rate I’ll be spending more time with this instrument in this app.

It was my dearest Annyth who surprised me with this thoughtful gift; but wait, there’s more!

Uphold! She also got me a Spider Monkey by Octa! Now, while I engage in iPad drawing, my left hand is free to do other things, while its mate handles a stylus or devotes a finger. This “tablet tail” is a huge ergonomic development!

Here’s my first stab with the new arrangement:


Annyth caught me:


5 thoughts on “A Digital “Pencil” and More

  1. I got one, too! I love the look and feel and want it to work so badly, but it’s getting confused between draw, erase, and smudge. Please let me know more about your results. PS, it connects with procreate as well.


    • I like it too, but I’ve noticed the same “confusion.” At one point I couldn’t get the eraser end to erase; it acted like the sharpened end and applied color. Then I couldn’t even erase the old way without the Pencil… Yea, I’ve got some learning to do, and maybe they’ve got some developing to do.


      • I think I’ll return mine. On a similar note, the last procreate update has palm rejection built in!


      • Hmmm. I’m going to do some more experimenting and exploring with the device and see where it goes. That’ll include some research too.
        Are you on Facebook? There’s at least one group, iPad Artists where folks share and critique. It was open, now you send a request and then get accepted. At any rate I’ll start there with my “research.”
        As far as Pencil by 53 and Procreate or even the palm rejection in the latest update, I’m a few steps behind, but look forward to catching up. I want to do more in Paper and not just stick with Procreate.

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