4 thoughts on “Ragsdale Mustang

    • When I was walking Cowboy earlier this evening, I saw that beauty. I couldn’t resist taking an iPhone photo. I kinda’ figured I’d be messing with a rendition of it tonight.
      I didn’t know the year. Thanks, Roger, for furnishing that. Now that must have been a cool ride! It’s the kind I can imagine tooling around in with a quart of malt liquor beer between my legs for air conditioning, which I actually did for a spell in an Opel GT, ’74 maybe…


      • No, it was a gold, 1969 Opel GT, not terribly unlike this one pictured here:

        I should add that, buying that car for $850 in 1977 between my junior and senior year of college with hardly any money and even less mechanical know how, was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done; but, it was a fun car to drive. When it broke down a couple of months later, oil pump, it had to be towed 40 or 50 miles, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except that my mother died unexpectedly and suddenly right around then. So, it’s taken me years to disentangled all the grief and regret associated with my brief and quixotic foray into the world of sexy sport cars.


      • Paul, man, now you are talking. My first car was a 1964 Corvair. It is now one of those other collectors items I used to own. I also used to be a millionaire but when I was in college my Dad sold my baseball cards at a garage sale.


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