Cowboy with Ball in the Grass

Yesterday’s post attracted the attention of a few dog lover bloggers, probably the #dog tag … :-). I’ve had a dog-on dog on my mind and at my side all day long, so earlier this afternoon I asked Annyth if she had a good picture of our Belgian Tervuren, Cowboy. She sent several. I chose this one because of his eyes.


This is a digital, freehand, side-by-side, iPad drawing using a reference photo and a Sty-HD stylus.

2 thoughts on “Cowboy with Ball in the Grass

    • Ann’s photo of Cowboy was inspiring. I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of drawing animals, especially hairy ones. That photo kinda’ encouraged me…because of the eyes. It’s a sort of turning point for me, and you’re right, it’s about those eyes. Thanks for your comment. I find it encouraging.

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