A Beer, the Apple Pencil, and of course, the iPad Pro

When you move a lot, you get used all the same and some new things being rearranged here and there, as I’ve tried to report on elsewhere. Light switches, pots and pans, basket for car keys, etc.. Used to be here somewhere, now they’re over there somewhere. Well that’s what’s going on with the introduction of the Apple Pencil. Some things work just the same way, some things work differently, some things work better, some things don’t seem to work, some things take 3 or 4 clicks before they start working. Sometimes you have to jiggle the handle to stop the toilet from filling. But let’s face it, $99.00 helps to coax out the motivation.

I went downtown for a beer and some digital drawing time. I drew and sipped, sipped and drew, learned a little, and cranked this out using a photo reference in a side by side manner:

Cowboy in Ann"s Office at night

Cowboy in Ann”s Office at night

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate

Cowboy with Ball in the Grass

Yesterday’s post attracted the attention of a few dog lover bloggers, probably the #dog tag … :-). I’ve had a dog-on dog on my mind and at my side all day long, so earlier this afternoon I asked Annyth if she had a good picture of our Belgian Tervuren, Cowboy. She sent several. I chose this one because of his eyes.


This is a digital, freehand, side-by-side, iPad drawing using a reference photo and a Sty-HD stylus.

A Prayer by Rumi to Commemorate Cowboy’s New Dog Door

First of all, that’s the rear end of a Belgian Tervuren named Cowboy going through his very own, brand new dog door. It took him around six cheese-assisted tries before he got the swing of it independently; it took me about five hours to install the door…with additional help from Ann!

It was well worth the effort! Cowboy now has direct and immediate access to the fenced-in, outside world, but because of the dog door, he can also take air-conditioned refuge from the Central Valley summertime heat. This is an appropriate development for a dog, who before our move to Merced, California, lived in an upper-floor, downtown Des Moines, Iowa loft! Three times a day, at least, for almost two and a half years, season after season, Cowboy would suit up, walk down the hall, get into and out of the elevator, walk through the lobby, out the front door, and continue for another 50 yards before he could finally get down to business! And he never complained once!!

This prayer goes out to Cowboy and all the other love dogs who teach us how to pray: (Link to YouTube Love Dogs by Rumi…or see it embedded below from my YouTube channel, plongeaux.)



Cowboy’s Snow Face

Cowboy’s moving too, of course. He’s our 8-yr. old Belgian Tervuren. Nice guy; give you the shirt off his back. This afternoon’s snow caught him by surprise. He thought he was merely going out for his early evening constitutional, but the snow changed everything, even the way he looked. Who needs a drawing! Check it out his 4-second video: