A Beer, the Apple Pencil, and of course, the iPad Pro

When you move a lot, you get used all the same and some new things being rearranged here and there, as I’ve tried to report on elsewhere. Light switches, pots and pans, basket for car keys, etc.. Used to be here somewhere, now they’re over there somewhere. Well that’s what’s going on with the introduction of the Apple Pencil. Some things work just the same way, some things work differently, some things work better, some things don’t seem to work, some things take 3 or 4 clicks before they start working. Sometimes you have to jiggle the handle to stop the toilet from filling. But let’s face it, $99.00 helps to coax out the motivation.

I went downtown for a beer and some digital drawing time. I drew and sipped, sipped and drew, learned a little, and cranked this out using a photo reference in a side by side manner:

Cowboy in Ann"s Office at night

Cowboy in Ann”s Office at night

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate

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