Started this one in Sketch Club, but I couldn’t export the image to my iPhotos because of a glitch associated with today’s iPad operating system update, which has imbalanced the heck out of a couple of apps. So I screen shot the captive image and opened it up in Procreate and iColorama, where I tweaked away without signing it. I kinda’ like it, so I’m posting it before hitting the sack.

2 thoughts on “Hankie

  1. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing about the processes…so interesting, as is your work! I’m trying out Sketch Club again…I like it better now that I’ve updated it to the pro version….I’ve also had glitchy moments with some apps since installing the latest apple update!
    I sent a msg back via facebook to you..about bayphotos.com…not sure if you saw it, things can be easily missed in facebook land… thanks again for the link. As per msg, and a shorter version 🙂 – can’t upload via iPad to there, and the cost of shipping way over here to Australia could make it too expensive….nevertheless can get something similar, through my RedBubble site. Thanks again..cheerio Janette.
    P.s Mentioned in the facebook msg about mobileart.how…quite exciting..I registered there, with the free membership…saw you are a member there… glad to see this type of promotion happening for the mobile arts. Have a great day!


    • Hi Janette – Sorry for the delay(s) in replying. I understand; Bay Photo is so far away from you. I haven’t yet done anything with them; although, they did print (on aluminium) the sketch of mine that mDAC2015 selected. It looks quite nice. I still have a few follow up things to do with the Mobile Arts Academy. I’ll be getting to that in the next day or so. I really would like to locate some company to have small prints on canvas made. I saw that size a lot in Cuba a couple of months ago, and I thought that might be a good direction to go in. I’ll keep an eye out for your Sketch Club drawings along with the others. All the best over there, and I look forward to ongoing conversations with fewer delays on my part!

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