2 thoughts on “Transection

  1. I love this intricate design! Looks so good in that frame…great to see you linked to your RedBubble site… had a look around. I see you have made some works into a collection.. finally made some of mine on RedBubble into collections too. I really enjoy seeing other fellow artist bloggers sharing their shop sites…I suppose it’s called marketing.. good idea I reckon, else who’s going to know who is selling what. I intend to share more of and about my RedBubble site and about this print on demand area on my blog soon…perhaps when I’ve spruced up my site a bit more. 🙂 All the best, Janette.


    • It’s hard to know what will sell and what won’t; but, if it’s not out there like you say “in the marketplace,” then for sure it won’t sell. I had heard about Redbubble, but you really inspired me to put a few things up there. Good catching up with you. Take care, Paul


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