3 thoughts on “Six Strings

  1. Wow! Paul. Loved this at first sight! Even more at second sight, after hearing the soothing sounds of your guitar playing in the previous post… Realized (I was a bit slow on the uptake) that it is the neck of a guitar! Called the headstock, which I discovered upon looking it up.(Which you’d know of course) Love the grainy effect, and how the composition makes it work as an abstract, and yet on closer inspection, it’s also realistic in style. Wonderful!


    • Thank you so much, Janette. I’ve been in a bit of a slump or a funk. I recently replaced the carpet in my “office,” and so everything had to be removed, and I’m only now getting it back in order. My guitar was in its case for a couple of weeks, and today I set up the little amp and brought out the guitar so that I could play any one of my 6 tunes. So I played a short time and did that quick drawing. Now I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s show (mDAC2016) and the follow up summit in Palo Alto, California about 2.5 hrs from here. At any rate, I’m mostly out of my funk and ready for some learning. I deeply appreciate your comments and our ongoing dialogue. I’ll tell you about a painting I have in mind, beautiful hydrangeas from the Açores, when I’m on a larger screen and not pecking at letters on my iPhone with one finger. Thank you, Janette.

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      • Hope you have a wonderful time Paul, at the show; and looking forward to seeing that painting! By the way, I’ve just added a link to your recent post, in a post I’ve just published. All the very best, Janette. 🙂


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