Two Digital Selfies

I did this photo-referenced self portrait a day before my left-eye cataract surgery in Art Set Pro, an iPad painting app that I hardly ever use. Here’s how it came out:

I was curious how it would look after a little tweaking in iColorama, in particular, by adding a pixelating effect. Here’s how that turned out:

Click on image to enlarge

Then the day of the procedure, when I was barely able to see or stay awake, I did a similar self portrait, this time in Paper 53; and this is how that turned out:

Since I like the pixelating effect so much, I subjected the image to the same tweaking as the image above.

Click on image to enlarge

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Two Digital Selfies

  1. Wonderful Paul. Great drawings – love the tweaking too! As you’ve probably gathered by now, I really enjoy Art Set Pro. However, I still don’t get on well with Paper 53.. will try it again sometime. I really like the strong composition in your Paper 53 drawing – lots of interesting shapes and colours, including your eye bandages! Amazed you could draw so well after your surgery! Hope your eye is fine now. All the best, Janette 🙂


    • I’m happy to say that my cataract procedure as well as the combined stent insertion in that same left eye for glaucoma both went well. Two subsequent check ups confirm this as well. The cataracts are now both settled; the first one was removed a decade ago. I was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1998. Eye drops have worked well to control that condition until a couple of years, then it’s turned out that I’ve outlived the efficacy of those drops and now need to pursue other ways to manage the condition. I’m thankful for the gift of sight.
      I was pleased with that painting in Art Set Pro, and I hope to do more. Paper 53 is worth struggling with. It’s simple, and you have to be creative to do some things that are much easier to do in other apps. For example, you have to zoom in to be able to produce a thinner brush stroke since they don’t provide controls for size and opacity. Thanks for visiting and for the engaging comments. I hope you’re doing well. Paul

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      • Glad to hear your eye condition is able to be successfully dealt with… Thanks for the tips about Paper 53; shall give it another go. Things are going well Paul.. lots of creative work and ideas happening – just haven’t got round to posting much of it. My mum would be pleased…she passed away about 3 months ago at 88, after a long and happy life – and as always, in God’s care. A wonderful mum and friend.
        I wasn’t going to mention it, but I know I’ve spoken about her to you before; and there was that virtual hug that you extended to her a long while back. Mum would be happy that I’ve kept on with my art. In some ways I’ve done more than usual, but have felt less inclined to put together some posts. But I’ll post something again soon. I’ve backed out of Instagram…felt it a bit least for now. Anyway, thanks Paul for your friendship here in the blogosphere. 🙂 Cheerio ~ Janette


      • Thank you Paul. I’ve enjoyed this post before, but somehow missed visiting the link within this post. I’ve long found comfort in the “Serenity Prayer” (interesting to find out who wrote it); and have it on a little card in my kitchen.
        I have downloaded the image and quote. I’ll print it. Somehow missed this last time too. Will be wonderful to also have a print of one of your drawings!
        Recently I’ve thought of doing more downloadable, “Picture with Scripture” pdfs… this has spurred me on to do this again soon. Well, the sun is shining – a walk with the dogs sounds a good idea. 🙂 All the best, Janette


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