A dream about teachers

Others have had dreams; I have one too. I dream that we will always be appreciative of the men and women who defend our country and who sacrifice so much; however, I dream that we will learn how to become as appreciative if not more of the men and women who teach us and remind us of our lifelong commitment to learning and improving. I dream that it will become customary for us all to go out of our way and approach teachers with humility, hand shakes or hugs, and expressions of gratitude like, “thank you for your service!” I dream that one day teachers will walk in parades and that as they pass by, our applauding will drown out all of the marching bands.

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4 thoughts on “A dream about teachers

  1. Hi Paul – Thanks for your note. You are always very thoughtful.. Our “cultural values” in Trump world may need twerking more than tweaking 🙂 I like this post about teachers very much.I think many of them are truly heroic. I had some who completely transformed my life in very positive ways. Best regards, Arthur


    • Thanks for your comment, Arthur. Good point, however implicit, it is better not to overgeneralize. It sharpens the logic and exercises our reasoning competencies, an issue of intellectual stewardship and integrity. But all seriousness aside, twerking our way through this moronic darkness may, if nothing else, provide some aerobic activity and a release of tension.


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