An Evening of Live Music and iPad Drawing in Arcata, CA

I’d like to let the photos and images do the talking in this post because it was an intricate confluence of chances, that evening of May 21, 2018. A few years before that at my first Mobile Digital Arts and Creativity Summit in Palo Alto, CA I met Claire Iris Schencke, digital artist extraordinaire. Check her out here. Claire lives in Arcata, CA, and so since Ann and I were planning to be in the neighborhood on our North Coast road trip, I let Claire know.

Claire Iris Schencke and yours truly

As it turned out, Claire, who routinely does live iPad drawings at live music events, invited us to such an event at the unquestionably funky home of Gregg Moore, whose “crib” is well known for exquisite live music. Check this out for yourself, please.

Gregg Moore in his Crib…hey, there’s Kaisa Mäensivu seated, she’s the talented upright bassist

That evening we were treated to the Oskar Stenmark Trio. Click here to learn more about and listen to Flugelhornist/player/composer/arranger/educator – Oskar…from Sweden. Notice also how Claire is situated close by with her iPad connected to a large monitor so that she can render a simultaneous, colorful, digital interpretation of the musical experience for others inclined to enhance their own experience.

Claire live iPad drawing; Ukrainian American pianist Alex Pryrodny; Finnish bass player, Kaisa Mäensivu; and, of course, Swedish flugelhorn player, Oskar Stenmark, momentarily playing the airhorn.

I was invited to open my iPad Pro, and these are the three – quick – digital renderings that I contributed to the evening. I’ll let the images and that final photo close out this post. Let me simply add that this evening was a genuine and memorable treat!

Sketch Club app; incidentally, Oskar ended this particular piece with an actual animal horn, which, I hope, explains why he isn’t holding his famous flugelhorn.

Sketch Club app

Paper 53

Claire Iris Schencke and your humble servant with iPad drawings from the evening

3 thoughts on “An Evening of Live Music and iPad Drawing in Arcata, CA

    • It is a really cool idea. Ever since I saw Claire demo it back at mDAC 2016, I believe, I’d been wanting to get a projector to be able to do the same. I got a nice Epson projector a few months ago, set it up back in April at our local ArtHop, and it attracted a few people who even wanted to give it a go. I hope to do more with it. Thanks, Linda!


  1. I really enjoyed listening to Oskar’s music, looking at Claire Iris Schencke’s art (iPad art and monotypes) and her blogspot site, and your artworks… Thank you! The iPad, and other new technologies make combining music and the visual arts together, in various places and spaces, such an easy thing to do – and a great idea! It reminds me of quite a few years ago, (pre iPad era) when I had the opportunity to do a large drawing, up the front, during the course of a local church service. And at another service, the same Pastor (who who often sang and played his guitar) screened some of my art up on the wall, from a little home made book I wrote and illustrated called, “Patterns from Home, Book 1: Thank you God”.
    This post was a lovely part of my start to the day – a winter’s day, but the sun is out. Best get and walk our dogs soon. Cheerio, Janette P.S Thanks again for liking my gallery page, however, I decided to delete it. Instead I plan to build up a gallery page slowly – setting it to private – and sorting it out a little more carefully, before I publicly publish it. 🙂 Have a great day!


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