Northern California Roadtrip: Ferndale and Eureka

We headquartered in Ferndale, CA and made excursions north to Eureka.
Here’s a Victorian storefront in Ferndale.

click on image to enlarge

While in Eireka, CA, we took a mini cruise around Humboldt Bay on the Madaket.

3 thoughts on “Northern California Roadtrip: Ferndale and Eureka

  1. Hi Paul, thought I’d come over here and say thanks for viewing my “Gallery” page, and liking it. 🙂 I’ve since put the contact form at the bottom of it, which I’d forgotten to do. Getting the “Shop” page operational was good fun, (I notice you have one here)… it’s the promotional side of things I’m not comfortable with. Also, I love these two paintings; the boat composition is particularly striking, and so is that lovely blue sky.
    I may turn my “comment” section back on more, as it is nice to be able to share in this way (certainly don’t want to come across as unfriendly!) …it’s just sometimes this online world seems too busy! Hope you have a great day. All the best, Janette 🙂


    • Hi Janette – Thanks for coming over. I appreciate your visits and always look forward to your thoughtful comments; but, what I enjoy even more are your posts. They’re such a refreshing combination of elements that one rarely sees juxtaposed, like the tenderness of mother/infant attachment along side the practicalities of picking the right kind of paper for printing; laundry folded and dishes drying along side an existential invitation to explore the divine extraordinariness of daily ordinariness; and so forth. I agree with you that the online world seems so busy. For me it’s only one section, a rather complicated one, of all the “others” out there. I’ve been working on this business of presenting myself; hence, the expanded “about” page on my illustroblog. I’m very ambivalent about addressing “the other” as an “artist.” I’m not sure how to approach the dilemma, so I just keep trying new things and doing the same old things. My so-called “online presence” hasn’t changed; I’m still the digital equivalent of the “Maytag Repairman.” I hope that reference means something to you; it’s such a long story. I’ll keep the rambling short by saying that I’m glad to know you’ll be opening up the “comment” section of your blog posts because that way I can do my part to stay in touch with you, the things I outlined above, and those refreshing theological dimensions at the core of them. All the best to you too. Paul

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      • Hi Paul, I’m glad you enjoy my posts…and I like those juxtapositions you see in them – it helps me to see that I come across as myself (who else can I be) 🙂 and at the same time I can give some helpful and practical info to those who may find this arty stuff of interest.
        I looked up your reference to the “Maytag Repairman” – enjoyed watching 3 little videos (we didn’t have those ads over here) with the actor Jesse White….funny…and winsome at the same time…and words like dependable, reliable, and others come to mind.. yep, reckon I get the gist of your comment. 🙂

        Now I’ve subscribed to your Youtube channel, I look forward to seeing your posts there; along with your WordPress digital art, (hmm, make that a capital “A”).

        I also zipped over to your Instagram site (may go back to Instagram, one day, and start another art site); and had another look at your “About” page – well put together, and an interesting read!
        You’re certainly kept busy in this online world – and it’s meeting up with friendly folk like you, that makes it a pleasant place to visit. Cheerio for now, Janette 🙂

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