The Bible: Crystal Ball or Mirror?

I know a little bit about the bible. I have an M.Div. for Christ’s sake; it’s one of three graduate degrees for Pete’s sake! I may no longer be an ordained Benedictine monk, but I sure as Hell sat through my share of biblical studies, theology, even Greek courses. Most of them were fascinating. I had a brilliant seminary professor, one of several like that, in fact, who approached the study of sacred scriptures from a literary-criticism perspective, steeped in critical hermeneutics, semiology, and philology…right up my alley. He planted the following image in my mind (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.):

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3 thoughts on “The Bible: Crystal Ball or Mirror?

  1. Paul, I always enjoy your art and perspective. Somehow someone got this convenient idea that the world was created in certain amount of days, and that was that. Funny how the universe continues to expand and volcano eruptions show that even physical creation continues on our small planet not to mention evolution.

    So with acceptance of the theory that this creation business is done, some of us take no responsibility for what we continue to create. And as you artistically point out we create what we believe in our limited capacity some of which is self imposed and self fulfilling ) which is the mirror image of us as co -creators.
    PEACE, Brother



    • Hey Roger – What a pleasure to be greeted with a comment, and a thoughtful one at that! I like your focus on the mirror option, highlighting the responsibility we have as co-creators. I will chew on that.
      I get carried away with a more morbid focus on the implied infantile, magical, irresponsibility that, I believe, go along with the crystal ball option.
      Thanks for visiting and making yourself at home.


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