Stopped in Pismo Beach…

…on the way to Santa Barbara to see David Byrne’s 100th performance (8/24/8) of the Utopia Tour held at the Santa Barbara Bowl. See tiny snippet of performance below.

click on image to enlarge

2 thoughts on “Stopped in Pismo Beach…

    • Our chosen, hot to cool, flat to steep, winding (5 hours without stopping) route from Merced to Santa Barbara took us right by Pismo Beach with another hour to go. We weren’t in a hurry, so we stopped for coffee and a stroll down to the pier they’re restoring. There are some major ocean sand dunes very nearby, and folks from all over go there to ride the dunes for fun. I can hear Johnny’s voice too echoing the 1960s Southern California mindset…right up there with the little old lady from Pasadena. Pismo Beach, maybe because of its remoteness and popular ocean sand dunes and the daredevils they attract, compared to Malibu, must have seemed like a county fair corn dog stand.


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