Literally, texts “woven together,” interlaced, intertwined, as it were. Another metaphor, culture. Both rounded up to the nearest thousand in the social fabric of meaning, the ethno-looms of sense making.


A Tool for Unzipping Both the Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Meaning at portfoliolongo.com

I’m bookmarking this tool for my own benefit so that I can whip it out before I click on Publish from now on.

Yesterday’s post, i.e., the previous post, two guys looking through a telescope, more precisely, my commentary on that illustration, elicited a couple of useful comments that have served and will continue to serve as an important reminder for me to scrutinize how I write about what I draw much more carefully. The drawing said one thing; unfortunately, my commentary said something else; evidently, it said the complete opposite. And why? Because I hadn’t unzipped for myself either the paradigmatic or syntagmatic significance of what I meant to say, and instead I simply and quickly wrote something that I thought was funny. Not so.

I did go back revise the title of the post by inserting a reference to optical delusion. Too little, too late.

I’ll keep this heuristic tool, i.e., the quadrazipper, handy.