Rushin’ and Rounding Things Up

Here’s yet another Trumpy cartoon inspired by my own depression and outrage. What bothers me the most is when Trump or anyone for that matter refers to “the American people” without any regard for the quantitative, demographic accuracy of that useless label. I’ve read and heard that Trump’s base amounts to about 20% of the total population; that’s hardly “the American people,” that’s one fifth of the American people. His Royal Highness is not the only one to round things up to the nearest gabillion. Too many others do it, and each time it’s done, each time we find ourselves up to our ears in propaganda, it gets harder and harder to realize that we’re really up to our ears in real diversity, the kind that makes some people really nervous…and authoritarian. See also Schmatistics.

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The sleeves are fine. How soon can you let out the pants?

A Tool for Unzipping Both the Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Meaning at

I’m bookmarking this tool for my own benefit so that I can whip it out before I click on Publish from now on.

Yesterday’s post, i.e., the previous post, two guys looking through a telescope, more precisely, my commentary on that illustration, elicited a couple of useful comments that have served and will continue to serve as an important reminder for me to scrutinize how I write about what I draw much more carefully. The drawing said one thing; unfortunately, my commentary said something else; evidently, it said the complete opposite. And why? Because I hadn’t unzipped for myself either the paradigmatic or syntagmatic significance of what I meant to say, and instead I simply and quickly wrote something that I thought was funny. Not so.

I did go back revise the title of the post by inserting a reference to optical delusion. Too little, too late.

I’ll keep this heuristic tool, i.e., the quadrazipper, handy.