Miller: Pub Steward and Diviner

It happens now and then. I walk into the 17th Street Public House. Miller is behind the bar. At this point I say, “What am I having?” And, as if she were reading my palm, she diagnoses my brew disposition by handing me a sample of something that pretty much always hits the spot; and that’s what I go with.

However, earlier this evening things were slightly different. Miller was busy with other thirsty patrons, and I got the 1st of two beers for the evening from another therapist/barkeeper.

About thirty minutes later, while I was sketching the image below – an owl in connection with something in wood I’m currently working on – I hear Miller talking to another patron about a certain beer on tap. My curiosity is triggered. I inquire, and Miller says, “I’ll give you a sample, if you draw a picture of me.” Now, I’m not from the Depression Era, but I am somehow accustomed to doing almost anything for beer, even a sample of beer. So, knowing that I need all the sketching practice I can get in general and at least as much Procreate practice in particular, I sip the sample of what I eventually order next, accept that it is, indeed, Miller Time, and I start working on this:


Remember what I said about the owl?


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