2 thoughts on “Crack’O Dawn

  1. Love this! Another sort of 3d effect…not sure how you did that! You get so many great visual effects in your work, that I marvel at. Actually, I just added another sentence to my recent post, to say that there’s much great work created using various media options in “Procreate” that I don’t use…( may even try some of them, oneday…) we all work in our own individual styles, etc… Love your style! 🙂


  2. Janette, Procreate has become my “go to” drawing app; I did this one in Tayasui Sketches, which is the app that we use in my digital art class at the Enrichment Center. Tayasui Sketches II is fun and worth checking out. They have a tool that applies various patterns to whatever shape you feel like outlining. Thanks for stopping by and for you kind words. Paul


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