Unpacking the Mislabeled Box

They’re all either mislabeled or underlabeled because that’s how they’re packed.


It has come to my attention that perhaps the packers were influenced by the the Morton salt girl (see history):


Cypress Trees in Merced, CA

Sat. March 8, 2014 UPDATE: Two months ago, when I did the drawing below, (Jan. 2014), little did I know that we would end up renting a place only 0.7 miles from this particular stretch of E. South Bear Creek, i.e., four min. by bicycle:

I’ve fallen love with these beautiful cypress trees…again. I’ve always loved them; and to see them alone, in pairs, and in stands is a delight. As we meet up with realtors and property managers at various locations throughout Merced, there are always a few cypress trees in plain sight. This particular stand is located along Bear Creek Road. As you look to the east, if you’re able to see around these trees on a clear day, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are visible, and you can hear them whisper, “Come closer!”


Some little baby cypress trees: