1st Impression: Coming up for air at our new house.

It’s been 3 months since the closing. Remember when we got the keys? The relocation encompassed a move of approximately 2.5 miles; but, that could have reduced, if only the Parsons Ave. ferry were in operation. Consequently, we had to go by way of Cuba! Well, we also had some work done: resurfaced a few floors, refaced the kitchen cabinets, repainted a few walls, and added a new countertop, backsplash, and some lighting fixtures.
Now it’s all about unpacking and learning how to operate the light switches.

Here’s a quick sketch in Paper by Fifty Three, tweaked in Procreate. Now back to unpacking before our first trip of the day to Lowes!
Coming Up For Air

Moving Parts

Why the packers took some things apart and not others is the main question that I’ve pondered in the last couple of days. Then, there are the questions related to the so-called hardware box, the small, open-faced, improperly sealed cardboard box intended to carry all of the shelf supports, nuts, bolts, etc, and how it was cleverly held together to some degree on the bottom by the ingenious four-flap-fold’n-tuck technique. This “box” held all the parts that it could; unfortunately, some of those parts were lost in transit. Consequently, re-assembling the pieces that were unnecessarily dis-assembled in the first place – fully embracing the randomness here – has required a unique blend of technical and cultural competences and has granted me another blessed opportunity to look at myself in a whole new way.



Unpacking the Mislabeled Box

They’re all either mislabeled or underlabeled because that’s how they’re packed.


It has come to my attention that perhaps the packers were influenced by the the Morton salt girl (see history):


Moved 101

It’s one thing to see your life flash before your eyes; like when you’re driving through high winds on black ice way up in the mountains in a rear-wheel-drive cargo van with baloney-skin tires in winter. That’s traumatic enough; but, when you see all of your stuff coming out of a huge moving van, piece by piece, box by box, a steady stream of things directly and indirectly related to you with varying degrees of usefulness, but all relatively sentimental…when you see this, the trauma is there but it’s subtle.Why? Because you’re too busy wondering how in the world you’re ever going to unpack and find a place for everything!