Cypress Trees in Merced, CA

Sat. March 8, 2014 UPDATE: Two months ago, when I did the drawing below, (Jan. 2014), little did I know that we would end up renting a place only 0.7 miles from this particular stretch of E. South Bear Creek, i.e., four min. by bicycle:

I’ve fallen love with these beautiful cypress trees…again. I’ve always loved them; and to see them alone, in pairs, and in stands is a delight. As we meet up with realtors and property managers at various locations throughout Merced, there are always a few cypress trees in plain sight. This particular stand is located along Bear Creek Road. As you look to the east, if you’re able to see around these trees on a clear day, the Sierra Nevada Mountains are visible, and you can hear them whisper, “Come closer!”


Some little baby cypress trees: