Mom Heading to Isaly’s

Here’s my rendition of one of my favorite family photos. My dad took this extraordinary photo of my mom several months before they got married in 1943, probably just before he enlisted in the army. My mom worked at this Isaly’s in Canonsburg, PA at the time. There she is crossing Pike St. and walking over the trolly tracks on what looks like a sunny Sunday afternoon. One way or another, my dad probably ordered a White House ice cream cone, his favorite.



2 thoughts on “Mom Heading to Isaly’s

  1. Very nice work.

    Kushner’s Men’s Wear, The Model Shop, brings many memories.

    I think my mother liked white house as well. I remember riding to an ice cream shop in Waynesburg when I was little. Something I’ll look into.

    Hope you and Ann are well. Counting down to the inauguration.

    Don Lesniakowski 412-417-4394


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