Chef Croz

I’m guessing that I’d like his rye bread as much as his voice, guitar playing, creativity, and audacity. Yea, I follow the legendary David Crosby on Twitter; and, I’ve tried rendering his mug elsewhere on the illustroblog. He recently (11/9/20) tweeted a photo of himself standing before what he says is his first loaf of rye bread, crediting David Nuell, whom I’m guessing made the photo.

Done on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil in Sketch Club with a tweak or two in iColorama. Sketch Book stats indicate that I used 4,327 brush strokes, 130 undos, and 1 hour, 44 minutes. I made a dumb mistake using multiple layers. I added a black background color to sketch out Croz independent of the kitchen back drop, which I did separately and first. Unfortunately, I didn’t sketch Croz on a third layer, rather, I did him over the black background fill of the second layer, which blocked out the kitchen backdrop. So I had to scramble. My advice: think through stuff, and check your layers frequently. I know, on one hand, I could have spent more time on this, on the other, I could have been looser and more playful and cut the time in half. It is what it is. Here’s a screen shot of the reference tweet/photo crediting David Nuell:

Screen Shot

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