Invasion of Privacy AND Profiling

Years ago I saw a cartoon of a salesperson at a tobacco shop coming from the back of the store carrying a hippopotamus on his back. The person at the counter yelled, “I said Zippo, not hippo!”
When the HIPPA form came out, all I could think of was that cartoon.


Ed Takes Action Regarding Target’s 5th Tip

Dear Target Guest,

In light of the recent intrusion into our information systems, we recommend the following tips to guard against possible scams in the future:

  1. Never share information with anyone over the phone, email or text, even if they claim to be someone you know or do business with. Instead, ask for a call-back number.
  2. Delete texts immediately from numbers or names you don’t recognize.
  3. Be wary of emails that ask for money or send you to suspicious websites.
  4. Don’t click links within emails you don’t recognize.
  5. If there is an unauthorized surveillance camera in your bathroom, paint over the lens to protect your privacy. (Note: Use the attached 10% discount coupon to purchase supplies for this project. Offer expires April 23, 2014.)

Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Target.

G. Steinhafel

Chairman, President and CEO