Fifty Something Something or Another

Fifty Something Something or Another

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You know this one would be fun to drive in Cuba or Merced. There it sits on North Parsons Ave..


They’re Everywhere…

…and there’s even a Facebook page: Carros Clásicos de Cuba! So, on our two flights back home, I put stylus to screen in Procreate for a side by side freehand guided by a photo that Annyth took with her iPhone. Habana-clásico

The DMV driver handbook be like…

…I don’t care who you voted for or how big you think government should or shouldn’t be, put down that beer and listen up! You wanna run your car on my roads, then you play by my rules (See pp. ix to 99). Now go put these plates on the front and back your your car. We’ll see you in a couple of years – if not sooner – to find out how things are goin.



So, yea, I put the new plates on today.