On Mitote No: Countervailing Language Avalanches

Without some sort of tranquilizing intervention, our inner dialogue will mimic the outer dialogue around us; after all, that’s how we acquire language in the first place and “develop” it subsequently. I see this too as related to mitote, which we’ve explored elsewhere here at portfoliolongo.com.
There’s inner mitote, and there’s outer mitote. We’re up to our ears in mitote. Look at what happens metastatically within the comments section on many posts, the countervailing avalanches of polarized opinions mistaken for fact.
What triggers them? How do we tame them? How do we work through them? How do we work around them?

Mitote Head

If you’re familiar with the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, then you know what he means by mitote. Mitote are useless and self destructive voices in your head tasked with distracting you from discovering and executing your very own unequivocal life strategy. Meet Mitote Head:


Taking Everything Personally: Tic-Tac-Mitote

As much as I try to embrace Don Miguel Ángel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, my mitote place me in situations in which it seems like there’s no alternative but to take things personally.