Bodacious Katie

Quick sketch of Chicago’s own Katie Kadan, 2019 finalist on The Voice, see her bio here.
[Sketch Club stats: 1,081 brush strokes, 2 layers, 19 undos, Time: 34 minutes; Brush: 433; Sketchy: 265; and Smudge: 383]

Katie Kadan, 2019 finalist, The Voice

Photo Reference for freehand rendition on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil:



Not long ago I poked fun at Sawyer by comparing him to Cousin It from the old TV series, the Addams Family, but that was based on his beautiful hair. I mentioned in that post that I liked him, meaning, I like his voice, his style, and so forth, pretty much the whole package. Since he was chosen as this year’s Voice, I thought I would treat him with the respect he deserves.

This was the photo I used as a reference to render a freehand drawing in Procreate.