Old Main, Wash, PA

A rough, very free-hand, sketch of W&J’s Old Main on a beautiful October day in Paper 53 with an iColorama tweak and an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro using a personal photo reference and accompanied by 1802 Cream Ale on nitro right here at the Rusty Gold Brewing in my hometown, Canonsburg, PA.  The bartender asked me if I had any prints on me for sale. I did; a little paper print of this image from this post. She bought one and put in on a shelf; see below. Awesome, eh? Down below, check out my painting in the Procreate app of the Washington Trust Building as seen from W&J’s campus in Washington, PA. (See related post related to Jefferson College and Washington & Jefferson College.)

Check out their logo. Maybe this is why they selected one of my truck images.

Washington Trust Building done in Procreate (click on image to enlarge)


How’s my driving?

If you’re a truck driver, you may want to go to an archived post here in portfoliolongoland. Never mind, stay and make yourself at home. You must get this all the time from amateur car drivers like me who have the audacity to use your highways and are crazy enough to complain about your professional conduct at work. Now I’ve thought about calling the one-eight number, but frankly, I’m afraid the dispatcher would contact you and your buddies by Citizen Band radio and have me and my vehicle completely flattened.