Last Breath

I did this one in December of 2020, but I decided not to post it on this illustroblog. However, now that we’re witnessing a few examples of people who, when they did have plenty of breath to spare, bloviated on and on about their absolute certainty that science, masks, election results, slavery, racism, and so forth were all hoaxes. A few of them – on their death beds – are now using their last breaths to help their fellow cult members wake the f*ck up before it’s too late. Meanwhile, the well-funded Stupidity and Extinction Campaign has raised more money than ever before!

For extra credit: Exclusive: Lee Atwater’s Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy. The Nation

Monumental Bloviation

I watched the United States of Secrets last night on Frontline. How upsetting!

Computer microminiaturization, new media, and the digital revolution may not be ushering us into the information age and the knowledge-based society as quickly as we would expect or hope. Maybe we’ve only just now technically entered the bloviation age?

monumental bloviation