Son of a…

Something interesting happened last weekend while visiting friends. I saw a carving I had made nearly a quarter of a century ago, called Maryam’s monk, that prompted me to look at time – not only in terms of chronology but also as Kairos, which roughly corresponds to the difference between a minute and a moment.

Entranced as I was, I felt like never before the significance of a quote from Cervantes that I included in a recent post. Cada uno es hijo de sus obras. Roughly translated, Each of us is the son (or daughter) of his (or her) works. (Read how this was uttered by Sancho Panza in Don Quijote, Part 1, Chapter 47). Looking at the carving, which I’m now calling Maryam’s Monk (see photo below), I suddenly recalled in that moment how it was made and who I’d become since.

It's Kairos Time

It’s Kairos Time

To be continued.

Maryam’s Monk

Maryam's Monk

Maryam’s Monk

(Find him here too – under Wood!)

Cottonwood Bark

Now that I have some space, i.e., a garage and a patio area, to kick up some dust, I’ve started putzing around.

Two cottonwood bark carvings I did in 2013.
IMG_1503 Slide1 - Version 2

Pencil Theme?

There’s definitely a pencil theme here. I plan to do many more of all sizes.  Some sketches from way way back: 

5940_1216411088826_1185323014_30685178_247134_n 5940_1216410168803_1185323014_30685174_4004726_n

photo 5940_1216412648865_1185323014_30685180_2194566_n