“Beginnings,” A Commissioned Digital Drawing of a Sculpture on the Campus of UC Merced

Several months ago I was commissioned to render a digital drawing of the “Beginnings” sculpture situated prominently on the UC Merced campus. The image was printed on fine paper, matted, framed, and presented as a gift. “Beginnings,” was conceived by noted American sculptor Aris Demetrios, and according to the official website “consists of two gently curving, vertical stainless steel arms, each about 40 feet high, rising from a large circular base.” (Click here for further details)

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Digital image in Procreate on an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil:

Video display (effects in iColorama):

Courtroom Sculpture

Only the most inconspicuous sculptors are permitted to depict proceedings in a court of law in which cameras are not allowed.

court sculptor

Paper by 53, 53 Paper, Paper by Fifty Three, Paper, and so on.