Either/or Anymore


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iPad art, Paper 53 or Paper 4 not sure anymore, iColorama to sharpen, Procreate to illuminate the red and green lights, Apple Pencil.


shit storm

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BEHIND THE SCENES: For weeks now, an evasive idea has been trying to form itself on my cognitive drawing board, having to do with depictions of absurd, segregated services reserved for conservatives or liberals. At first I thought of separate traffic lights at any given intersection, one set of red lights for the conservatives and another for the liberals. Then I realized how unlikely it would be, in such an imagined reality, that conservatives and liberals would even share the same roads. If nothing else, there would have to be fancy toll roads for conservatives only and old, beat up, public roads for the liberals. So I scratched that.

Then notions of segregated meteorological services for conservatives and liberals began appearing on my internal drawing board. I imagined a conservative weatherperson standing in the pouring rain with a mic in one hand and an umbrella in the other outlining the counter factuals: sunny, low humidity, time for a picnic. You know, “fake weather.” But then a staff researcher found the YouTube video below, published way back in 2012. Damn it! That’s when I decided to go with the simple shit storm forecast.

Propaganda Plus

With all this talk of “fake news” I recently shared on FB an old Paper 53 digital drawing depicting someone up to his ears in the green muck of misinformation in a jar labeled, “Propaganda.” A friend, who’s no stranger here at portfoliolongo.com, added a comment suggesting that we need a more truthful dissemination of information, and he employed a term I hadn’t ever seen, when he stated that maybe we could use more propagandhi. He subsequently assured me that he was not referring to the Canadian punk rock band. I knew what he was getting at, and I fully agreed; however, that didn’t stop me from putting one and one together in Procreate about how Gandhi might be propped up.