Your Call May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes

I repeat, “Quality Purposes.”
My favorite cartoon along these lines has this sort of caption: You have reached the Urology Department, please hold…..”
Doesn’t it seem like the record-breaking profits that some companies are enjoying defy the law of gravity and somehow float upwards into the execusphere? They sure don’t seem to be recirculated into customer service, do they?


Working with Wood While I Wait

While I was waiting for a call back from Apple Support on a GarageBand issue, which involved my laptop being out of commission and in the safe mode, a topic for a forthcoming illustration I can imagine, I had time to doodle. I’d like to thank my model for being so patient.


Your Call Is Important…

As it is with all those unattended checkout lanes that were initially installed at grocery stores and the like, a previous topic here at, so it is, I’m guessing, with most call centers.


Have you taken a stand in or on it?

Customer service ain’t what it use to be. That’s really what prompted me several weeks ago to draw this one: when there are multiple, abandoned, unoccupied, off-line check out lanes, say for instance at a grocery store, and yet everyone is channelled into the one and only line that snakes its way toward the light as though it were the illuminated path of the Three Wise Men.

However, the bigger question is this: When you’re in this situation, are you standing in or on line? Survey said.