Son of a…

Something interesting happened last weekend while visiting friends. I saw a carving I had made nearly a quarter of a century ago, called Maryam’s monk, that prompted me to look at time – not only in terms of chronology but also as Kairos, which roughly corresponds to the difference between a minute and a moment.

Entranced as I was, I felt like never before the significance of a quote from Cervantes that I included in a recent post. Cada uno es hijo de sus obras. Roughly translated, Each of us is the son (or daughter) of his (or her) works. (Read how this was uttered by Sancho Panza in Don Quijote, Part 1, Chapter 47). Looking at the carving, which I’m now calling Maryam’s Monk (see photo below), I suddenly recalled in that moment how it was made and who I’d become since.

It's Kairos Time

It’s Kairos Time

To be continued.

Maryam’s Monk

Maryam's Monk

Maryam’s Monk

(Find him here too – under Wood!)

Do you find your voice once and for all or over time?

I don’t want to make light of this because it may be one of our most important projects, this notion of “finding one’s voice.” I’ve given it some study and thought; I’m a huge fan of Vygotsky, Bakhtin, and countless others…long story… I just wonder if it’s something that happens within a single instance (see image below), like at 3:30 am on a Tuesday or if it’s something that unfolds over time. It’s a big world, and there’s a whole lot of human variation; so, can I buy a vowel?

finding one's voice

Practically unrelated except for the refrigerater...a seminary-class doodle from the mid 1980s

Practically unrelated except for the refrigerator…a seminary-class doodle from the mid 1980s.

Yard Sale

I met some neighbors this morning at a yard sale. Actually, there were two yard sales, one on one side of the street and the other right across the street. One woman has been living there for 53 years…sharp as a tack and as friendly as they come. Another neighbor invited me in for a tour of the gardens, chicken coup, and house. We would have sat longer out front in the plentiful Ragsdale shade, if I hadn’t needed to get back and make lunch. How lucky we are to live along side these folks under all this shade!

yard sale

Note: I’m still using Paper by 53 or 53 Paper or Fifty Three Paper and an inexpensive stylus. In this case I took and used a photo, but I also went out for a peek in person too after I started. I often think about getting and trying out another iPad drawing app, but there’s so much more to learn about Fifty Three Paper, so many technical things to learn about drawing. Trees are tough. I’ll never take them for granted, ever!