The Letter of Paul to the Procrusteans

Greetings brothers and sisters. I’ll keep this relatively short in anticipation of my visit to your homeland. Please feel free to accommodate your image of me as you see fit, but once I am in your company, keep your hands off of me and my actual details and dimensions. Yours in ambiguity, not either/or, but both/and, for Pete’s Sake, Paul


The “Tiny Store” Post Went “Canonsburg Viral”!

Many thanks to my Canonsburg Friends who visited yesterday to view the Tiny Store post. The guy in the stats department had to borrow a step ladder just to keep up. Memory Lane is being widened and renamed to Memory Boulevard.


What’s the big statistical deal?
The Tiny Store post registered 396 views on Jan. 20, 2015, something very unusual for this illustroblog! That’s well over ten times the average number of daily views. Incidentally, the previous daily high was 143 views on Sept. 14, 2014 for this post; but, who’s counting?

The Tiny Store in Canonsburg, PA

Except for Marcantonio’s on the corner of Murdock St. and Hutchinson Ave., run by Guiseppe “Chipazeek” Marcantonio, and the little store on Iron St. run by Sam “Shy” Benowitz, the Tiny Store on Pike St. in my hometown of Canonsburg, PA, was my introduction to commerce…and candy. The folks who worked there were like family; in fact, one of the butchers, Mario DiSalle was my cousin through his wife, Lena!


Statistical Update: See this important post.
Technical: According to the Tiny Store Facebook page, where this reference photo is from, the Tiny Store closed its doors in 2013. As usual, I used the photo as a reference to do a quick, rough, free-hand, side by side rendering in Procreate. It was anything but tiny!