Saturday Afternoon Pub

My layers got out of control. I ended up just going with the Procreate flow, backwash is more like it.
It started when Annyth and I made a relatively unexpected stop at the 17th Street Public House for a porter, no make that two for each of us after squeezing in a couple of delivered tacos from J&R Tacos at halftime. Yea, it became an outing.
And there I was staring at a cool Dogfish Head tap head, which I photographed, brought home, and started playing with. Part of that photo remains in today’s image, but that particular portion – and the drawing itself – kept resizing themselves within their layers. At any rate, here’s where I decided to draw the line and scream kaput!


(still) never gonna be the same

Another version of Never Gonna Be the Same (Jan. 2010).

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Music: 12 String Taylor guitar, open G tuning, composed by Plongeaux in NOLA, Jan. 2010 just before the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Video: iMovie, Photo Booth, MacBook Pro

Image(s): OK, this requires some splainin’… I “grabbed” the above photo from the video, edited it in My Sketch, an iPad app, imported it into Procreate and added additional material, i.e., the dude in the doorway fucking with the lightswitch. At the end of the video, where it says visit:, well, that was done in Procreate and exported as a video clip, which I then added to the end of the video.

Here’s My Position

It’s the fetal position, our oldest, most common, and most familiar position. Whether you’re somehow thrown into this position or assume it voluntarily, and if you’re inclined to pray – as a believer or sometimes believer – try these four words on for size: Have mercy on us. We are not qualified to say anything more. NO EXCEPTIONS. Make little fists, no finger pointing.


Procreate works with layers and accommodates the importation of photos. As I experiment with this iPad drawing app, I’ve been trying out some photo references, like today’s, some additional layers, some new “brushes,” and so forth. Ultimately, I deleted that layer that carried the photo and kept the others. There’s more than one way to do things…