July 29th is John F. Appreciation Day

Any friend of my wife’s family is a friend of mine; but John F. Is different: John F. visits my blog via Facebook practically every time I post something; plus, he almost always likes it! He’s portfoliolongo.com’s most frequent flyer!

I hope he won’t mind that my rendition of him is only a rough approximation. I also hope he doesn’t mind that I expropriated a photo of him from his own Facebook page…and that I cropped out his buddy, my favorite uncle-in-law, Jack A..

So, I’d like to wish everyone at portfoliolongo.com a Happy John F. Appreciation Day, especially John F., himself. Thank you, John F. for visiting and for the enduring encouragement!

Click here for the accelerated, 40-second progress video. It’s all practice; so, if you have any technical advice, feel free to leave a comment in the space provided.



July 29 John F appreciation day



Cowboy with Ball in the Grass

Yesterday’s post attracted the attention of a few dog lover bloggers, probably the #dog tag … :-). I’ve had a dog-on dog on my mind and at my side all day long, so earlier this afternoon I asked Annyth if she had a good picture of our Belgian Tervuren, Cowboy. She sent several. I chose this one because of his eyes.


Click here for a “progress video” of the digital, freehand, side-by-side, iPad drawing using a reference photo and a Sty-HD stylus.