Crosby Oats

OK, this project has been rattling around in my head for some months now, so I thought I’d get it out of my system, as it were, once and for all.  It’s not a sketch, per se, although these’s a tiny bit of sketching involved, which I did in Procreate; it’s a manipulation of a photograph and an image, which I did in Procreate and PowerPoint.

Crosby Oats

Technical:  I’m a big fan of Crosby, Still, Nash, and sometimes Young (you know, like the vowels, right? a – e – i – o – u – and sometimes – Y). The photo of Maestro David Crosby is from here. Plus, I also like Quaker Oats products, especially hot oatmeal; that image comes from here.

Again, if necessary, mea culpa. Hey, it’s my blog; but, I know, there are rules’n stuff.


Mayberry Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)

Aunt Bee, I know it’s late, but I’m’a swing by’n pick up piece’at pie.



Technical: I found the reference photo on Google by doing a search of images. I displayed it on my large desktop monitor while I sketched it free hand on my iPad using Procreate. Here are the two images. Sure I would do things differently, if given another chance. I could go back and do more, but I called it quits at a point along the way.