Smile Charlie Chaplin

Final scene from “Modern Times.” (1936)


Technical: The song, Smile popped into my head earlier today, and when I searched for recordings, I discovered that the melody had been composed by none other than Charlie Chaplin for the movie Modern Times (1936). Lyrics for the melody were subsequently written by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons in 1954. At any rate, I stumbled upon this image and decided to use it as a reference for a free-handed drawing in Procreate.

pole, wires, bird

pole wires bird

Technical: I had intended to sketch a stretch of telephone poles with wires and all that; why, because I liked doing it in this piece. However, while I was browsing through Google images, I found this one, which is a thumbnail for a short video that can be found on this rather cool page. and I decided to go with part of the intention along with an added dimension or two. So I used the image of the Bird on a Telegraph Pole – Silhouette as a reference and quickly free-handed it with some liberties and smudging for all in Procreate.