Here’s My Position

It’s the fetal position, our oldest, most common, and most familiar position. Whether you’re somehow thrown into this position or assume it voluntarily, and if you’re inclined to pray – as a believer or sometimes believer – try these four words on for size: Have mercy on us. We are not qualified to say anything more. NO EXCEPTIONS. Make little fists, no finger pointing.


Procreate works with layers and accommodates the importation of photos. As I experiment with this iPad drawing app, I’ve been trying out some photo references, like today’s, some additional layers, some new “brushes,” and so forth. Ultimately, I deleted that layer that carried the photo and kept the others. There’s more than one way to do things…

Dave, A Spiral


For nearly 36 years I’ve watched Dave twirl on dramatically in speech and beyond. Sometimes I chime in as though there were something to add. I’ve updated this post because of the YouTube video embedded below the image, Dave, A Sprial. The video is entitled I Wish I’d Had a Science Teacher Like This. Dave is the math teacher I wish I’d had. Fortunately, he’s the friend I do have, the gentle poet who spirals on gracefully.


Something New

I downloaded/purchased ($5.99) Procreate, a new iPad drawing app for me, and in the company’s own words, “the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad.” It’s about time I branch out from Paper 53. Folks say Procreate is easy, but I can tell already that it’s more complex than Paper 53, which I will continue to use. Procreate makes use of layers, and photos can be imported, modified, kept or cleared away.

My decision was based on comments and recommendations from other iPad sketcher types. I hope I’ll be able to access a few tutorials from a 12 yr. old instructor on YouTube in addition to all the other ones. Lots to learn.

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Image 2 of 2 (some old, some new)


Your Call May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes

I repeat, “Quality Purposes.”
My favorite cartoon along these lines has this sort of caption: You have reached the Urology Department, please hold…..”
Doesn’t it seem like the record-breaking profits that some companies are enjoying defy the law of gravity and somehow float upwards into the execusphere? They sure don’t seem to be recirculated into customer service, do they?


Friendly Electronic Skies…ZZZ

Back finally at west coast headquarters. Direct flights can’t be beat! Only one delay at PIT with a guy and his hand-held electronic device at the gate; other than that and the woman snoring behind us, smooth sailing!
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