It’s during this pose, technically a variation of utthitta parsvakonasana, I believe, that I begin to hear things. Sure, there’s the sound of cavitation, that popping noise when your back “cracks” in connection to Vertebral Subluxation, which I’ve illustrated elsewhere; but, there’s also Mark’s voice whispering, “Hello, Paul, this is, indeed, the sweet spot.”


retro wharfage

click to enlarge to 3508 X 2480

click to enlarge to 3508 X 2480

No photo reference, no tangible reference; this was done in Paper 53, iColorama, Big Photo, and Procreate while in bed in Monterey, CA on our last morning here…just tryin’ things out.

Sunrise behind the Water Tower

If I’m lucky, when I take Cowboy over to Rahilly Park for his morning constitutional, I can catch the sun coming up as I cross El Portal in relation to the Water Tower next to the Merced County Fire Department, McKee Station. This morning the timing was just right, and I captured it on my iPhone. I had been wanting to sketch that scene in a digital drawing using Procreate. Today was the day. In a previous post I featured the same water tower from a different angle and at another time of day in a drawing in Paper 53.

Sunrise behind the water tower

Sunrise behind the water tower Click image to enlarge to full size – 3508 x 2480 © Paul J. Longo

Old GMC Pickup Truck…1961? on El Portal

This beauty caught my eye earlier today while I was walking Cowboy. It’s either a 1960 or 1961 GMC pickup truck.
I took this iPhone photo around 7:45 am, imported it into Procreate, and sketched it side by side, freehand.

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Old GMC Pickup on El Portal