In-between Space: Piedmont Revelers Revisited

An old piece of mine, the “Piedmont Revelers,” was selected back in early May (2022) for
The Space Between” Digital Art Online Exhibit – at the Cape Cod Art Center. The emphasis on “in-between space” intrigued me: “The challenge we were asking you to think about is the space in between. Some may have interpreted it literally as the space between objects. Where the space is implied within the context of an image, for example a cityscape, in between buildings. Perhaps a landscape or seascape that represents a meditative space. Or the image may describe a very personal journey where you enter a transitional space, abandoning the familiar in search of new ways of being. All interpretations were considered.” See my Art Shows page.

Piedmont Revelers

Extramural Affairs

Alright, now here’s an image for you. It’s not clear whether he’s on the outside looking in or on the inside looking out, but it’s clear that there’s something creepy going on. It is what it is. That’s about all I can say.


Technical: This I did in Procreate. I’ve been fascinated by the smudging features.